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When you call Isle Drive Driving School (250-252-4753) you can speak directly to one of our Isle Drive Staff. They will go over all the lesson plans Isle Drive offers and custom design the lessons that are right for you. Once you and the instructor have set up your lessons, you will be given an Isle Drive username and pin, granting you access to our scheduling program. Where you can schedule lesson times and dates that are convenient for you, make payments, or read constructive feedback from your Isle Drive instructor on that day’s lesson. No matter if you are a first-time driver, an individual looking to refresh your driving awareness or want help learning to switch from international left-lane driving to Canadian right-lane driving,  we can help.

We are often teaching driving lessons. If we are unable to answer the phone, the best way to reach us is to leave a voice message or a text with your full name, and contact number and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, feel free to send us an email at info@isledrive.ca.


Isle Drive Driving School is based in Duncan, offering in-car, one on one, private driving lessons throughout the Cowichan Valley area. We offer pick up and drop off in various areas of the Cowichan Valley. We can arrange to pick up students at specific schools, home addresses, or public places like the library. Please enquire to see if pick-up is a possibility at your location. We strongly encourage meeting in the Duncan area to maximize your practical experience and spend time in the area where your road test will be conducted. Learn to Drive with the Isle Drive Driving School.

Isle Drive uses an Internet-based scheduling program, which will allow students to be able to log into their accounts and have the freedom of booking lessons as needed in their chosen area. This user-friendly program will also provide them with an area where they can find constructive feedback from their Isle Drive ICBC accredited instructor on that day’s lesson, as well as a record of what they’ve covered so far. Making it easier for the student to work on test items or skills they may have had difficulty negotiating or comprehending.


General driving and vehicle safety


Proper steering methods


Right of ways in all circumstances


Intersection right and left turns


Changing lanes


Parallel parking and reverse stall parking


Entering and exiting a highway


Roundabouts and railway crossings


Hazard perception


U Turns, Three and two point turns


Pulling over and stopping safely


Speed control


Observation, hazard recognition and responses

Our current price for a 90-minute class 5 or 7 in-car driving lesson is $170. All our lessons are 90 minutes in duration, however, arrangements can be made for varying the duration of the lesson as required. 

Learn to Drive Driving School Academy Duncan Victoria BC

*All ICBC test items are covered to various degrees of depth,
dependant on package chosen.


Please be safe and courteous

Please cancel your lessons, if you have any of the following:
Been exposed to COVID
Tested positive for COVID
Traveled out of the country in the last week
Show any COVID symptoms

Isle Drive may cancel and charge for the lesson if a student displays any COVID symptoms or is thought to be unfit. We feel very strongly about keeping all of our students and instructors safe during their driving lessons. With a little bit of effort, we can make this happen.

Driving Lessons and Road Test Readiness

Whether you are a first time driver or just looking to refresh your driving awareness, Isle Drive Driving School has the program for you.


New driver training


Defensive driving lessons


Winter Driving Awareness Lessons

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Whether you are a first-time driver or just looking to refresh your driving awareness. 

Call Isle Drive Driving School to set up lessons that are right for you.



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